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Quality Outdoor production has been the sole focus of United Grafix for over a quarter of a century. Although times and technologies have changed, outdoor advertising remains one of the most dynamic and cost effective ways to get your
product or service in the public eye. State of the art equipment, along with tried and true processes, allows us the flexibility to meet our client's every need. Our experienced art department can create a custom design to meet any advertising challenge. Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with everything from price quotes to the production method that best fullfills your needs. From flat-tone 8-sheets to digitally printed vinyl bulletins, you can be confident that your production is in capable hands. It is our commitment to produce a quality product in a timely fashion that makes United Grafix the logical choice to handle all your outdoor production needs. Click Here to Contact Us.
Below are a few examples of frequently acceptable file formats in creating your proofs:


Freehand verisons 9.0
Adobe Photoshop v 7.0
Quark Express versi 4.1
Corel Draw versions 10
Adobe Illustrator versions 9.0

When sending files via removable media such as CD, 3.5 floppy, zip or jaz disk, please include:

PMS uncoated colors
All support files
Clean logos (hard copy or digital)
Macintosh screen AND printer fonts
Digital printout

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